— May 8, 2018   0

Dear friends!

Sometimes closures are bittersweet, but this one has been a 100% all sweet. We continue to be amazed – and Mary herself expressed it in a tweet yesterday – by the generosity, the participation, the enthusiasm (…)

  — April 29, 2018   0

Hello everyone!

Before we started this project we never had expected to raise so much in just one week. How amazing! You truly left us speechless.

As promised before we’re announcing the preliminary numbers of what we raised so far.

With a (…)

  — April 26, 2018   0

Hello everyone!

First let us thank you all for the amazing things you have done in the past few days. The 4th day of this fundraiser is ending and so many of you have already participated.

When we ran this project last year (…)

  — April 20, 2018   2

Hello everyone!
Hope everything’s good with you all.

Mary’s birthday is fast approaching and we are starting this year’s fundraiser on monday 23rd April to 6th May.

We are collecting donations for Sinte Gleska University and Pine Ridge Girls’ School, both causes (…)